Regional Tectono-Stratigraphy

Regional Tectono-Stratigraphy

Tectono-stratigraphy underpins our understanding of evolving petroleum systems within basins.  Properly addressed these studies elucidate changes in the stratigraphic architecture and facies distribution with respect to evolving structuration and burial history effects.  The resulting framework can be used to define more effectively the various play fairways developed, some of which may otherwise have been overlooked, together with their component risks and potentials.  Fundamental to Oolithica’s approach is intelligent integration of all relevant multi-disciplinary datasets, allied to an in depth understanding of carbonate, evaporite and clastic depositional systems.



Chronostratigraphic model showing the depositional and sequence stratigraphic evolution of a carbonate platform to basin transition.



Sequence stratigraphic model for an Arabian Plate intrashelf basin containing mixed carbonate - evaporite facies



Tectono-stratigraphic model illustrating different stages of basin development and changes both in terms of depositional environments as well as structuration.