Fieldwork can provide some of the most cost effective data and interpretations for exploration campaigns, as well as providing analogues for subsurface datasets and reservoir modelling tasks.

We work in many locations, including remote parts of Africa, India / Pakistan, the Middle East and SE Asia, together with work in more mature European settings.

These studies typically include:

  • Geological mapping, integrating satellite imagery and published information

  • Measuring stratigraphic sections

  • Interpretation of depositional environments and facies

  • Determining sediment transport directions

  • Documentation of structuration

  • Sampling of outcrops for further analyses

Fieldwork expeditions are typically followed up with a detailed analytical and interpretation program, typically including petrographic, biostratigraphic and geochemical analyses.

Fieldwork program in Manipur, Eastern IndiaFieldwork Outcrop StudiesHelicopter Based Remote Field Survey, Eastern EthiopiaFieldwork in Eastern Ethiopia / SomalilandFieldwork in Eastern EthiopiaFieldwork in Kurdistan


The map below illustrates the location of some of our recent fieldwork projects: