Oolithica Company News

February 2021

Chris has a new publication in the Journal of Cretaceous Research "The Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in Lebanon. Revision of the Salima Formation (2020) S. Maksouda, B. Granier, R. Gezea, Y. Almeras, C. Toland, D.Azar"  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cretres.2019.104268


January 2021

Final presentation of Lower Indus projects was made to remote audiences of over 20 clients without any problems.


November 2020

Final remote presentation of Vietnam field review study.  Project was delayed due to our inability to travel to Vietnam but field review was performed successfully in our UK offices.


August 2020

Delivered final report from regional Lower Indus Study, Pakistan.


January 2020

Graham travelled to Pakistan to log core in Karachi, returning just before Covid became an issue. 


October 2019

Alessandro visited the PESGB Africa Conference and hosted a poster display illustrating our services.


May 2019

Oolithica has recently acquired ‘approved vendor’ status with several national Oil Companies in the Middle East and North Africa.


Chris Toland has co-authored a paper titled ‘The Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in Lebanon: Revision of the Salima Formation‘, presently submitted and in review for publication in the journal Cretaceous Research.


Chris Toland is currently preparing a paper on George Bellas Greenough’s Geological Sketch of British India – the first, and to this day the largest, geological map of all India.  Chris has published previously on the geological map series of James Knipe (Toland, C. et al., 2013.  The Life and Work of James Alexander Knipe: Itinerant Geological Map Maker.  Earth Sciences History, 32( 2), 279-312).


April 2019

Oolithica’s applied sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy courses are being updated with new modules reflecting renewed market interest in training of industry professionals.


April 2019:  Oolithica celebrate 25 years in business and we are still going strong!  Many thanks to all of our clients who have supported us during our time in business and to all of our staff, past and present.


December 2018

Graham Pazdzierski completed a fieldwork campaign in Ethiopia revealing a new understanding of petroleum systems in the region including Palaeozoic glacial plays


October 2018

Alessandro Lanfranchi presented a Poster on ‘The Upper Jurassic high-relief carbonate platform margin of the Agadir Basin (Offshore Morocco): seismic and depositional facies’ at the ‘Seismic Characterization of Carbonate Platforms and Reservoirs’ Conference (10-11 October, The Geological Society, London).


Alessandro Lanfranchi & Graham Pazdzierski ran a successful field course to Sardinia for Nexen looking at Mesozoic carbonate systems that provide partial analogues for the western Atlantic Margin fairways.  All participants enjoyed both the geology and hospitality of the region.


Sep 2018

Alessandro Lanfranchi and Chris Toland have successfully completed a 2-day intensive first aid training course and now hold ITC Level 3 Accreditation in Outdoor First Aid.


August 2018

Alessandro Lanfranchi co-authored the paper: ‘Sedimentary evolution of a coral-, microbialite- and debris-rich Upper Jurassic reef (upper Tithonian, eastern Sardinia, Italy’ (Ricci et al., 2018. Sedimentary Geology, 376, 113-135).


October 2017

Alessandro Lanfranchi presented a talk on ‘Carbonate Platform Seismo-Stratigraphy along an Active “Passive Margin”: The Middle – Late Jurassic Agadir Basin (Offshore Morocco)’ at the AAPG/SEG International Conference and Exhibition (15-18 October, London)


January 2017

Alessandro Lanfranchi co-authored a paper titled ‘Comments on “The Cenozoic fold-and-thrust belt of Eastern Sardinia: Evidences from the integration of field data with numerically balanced geological cross section” by Arragoni et al., 2016: No fold-and-thrust belt in Sardinia’. Berra et al., 2017. Tectonics, 36, 182-187.


December 2016:

Congratulations to Chris Toland on co-authoring a talk and extended abstract titled 'Comoros - New Evidence and Arguments for Continental Crust', presented at the recent SPE/AAPG Africa Energy and Technology Conference held 5-7 December 2016 in Nairobi.

October 2016:

Alessandro Lanfranchi has had his latest paper on the "Forward Modelling of Carbonate Platforms" published in Marine and Petroleum Geology, 78, 636-655.

September 2016:

Congratulations to Chris Toland for having his latest paper on the "Geology of the Dibba Zone" accepted for publication.

September 2016:

Oolithica launch their new website.  Many thanks to Ronan Laker for all his efforts in writing the website.

July 2016: 

Dr Graham Pazdzierski successfully presented a course in Pakistan on Clastic Deltaic Sedimentology.  Many thanks to all the participants.

June 2016:

Congratulations to Alessandro on his new baby.