Play Fairway Analysis

Play Fairway Analysis

Play Fairway Analysis is an assessment of exploration risk at a basin scale, undertaken during the exploration phase.  It is a powerful tool for identifying the most prospective parts of a basin at a specific stratigraphic level.

Play Fairway Analysis examines the four play components for a given depositional sequence:

  • Reservoir Presence & Effectiveness

  • Seal Facies and Effectiveness

  • Source Facies and Maturity

The analysis examines the relative risks associated with each component and then combines the risk maps to generate a Play Fairway Risk Map for each stratigraphic level (Composite of Common Risk Elements).  Combining the Play fairway Risk Maps for multiple stratigraphic levels can allow risking of whole basins.

Oolithica supports our clients in the generation of component play fairway maps, particularly with respect to:

  • Reservoir Presence:  through interpretation of the depositional environment over the reservoir section to generate GDE maps (Gross Depositional Environment).  This involves the integration and evaluation of data from outcrops, well and seismic data.

  • Reservoir Effectiveness:  determined through diagenetic modelling and reservoir characterization studies of well and outcrop datasets.

Our expertise in integrating multiple well and outcrop datasets with seismic data and seismic facies greatly enhances our ability to produce a successful outcome.

Regional GDE Map from the Mesozoic of Iraq.  Note that well and outcrop locations have been relocated